Neapolitan Style Pizzas Served from a Horsebox.

We are based in North Yorkshire and our Neapolitan style pizza is handmade using a sourdough base that is fermented for a minimum of 48 hours to develop some crazy flavour. It then hits the bricks of our wood fired oven at a whopping 450 degrees for 90 seconds to deliver a pizza like no other.  All brought to you in our cool, converted horsebox. .

                                    Sometimes its ok to share....

                                  Sometimes its ok to share....




About US.......

Pizza Social is the brainchild of me, Will Pemberton.

I've spent most of my adult life working as a chef in the restaurant trade and latterly, teaching in a cookery school.

I came up with the Pizza Social concept when I realised that I just couldn't find a decent pizza anywhere near me. I began to research how to make the best dough and was inspired by the Neapolitan traditions.  

Our Pizzas are made using a 16 year old sourdough starter and OO flour, which is an extra fine flour to deliver a light, crispy base and a flavourful crust. Our tomato sauce is made using San Marzano  tomatoes, grown only on the volcanic plains to the south of Mount Vesuvius, for a unique sweet flavour. We keep our toppings simple, when the base is as good as ours, there's no need  to hide it.

Trust us, we know pizzas better than Yorkshire knows puddings!


Contact Us...

We are available for hire for all events and we'd love to chat to you about your ideas for any future bookings.

Party's, Events, Weddings, Corporate, Pizza Master Classes.

Simply call or email with any questions and we'll get back to you in a jiffy.

Tel: 07754195846


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